New to geocaching? 
Hereís how it works:

  • Download a geocaching app on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Come visit Lake County, Ohio.
  • Search nearby caches to find the Lake County Ohio GeoTour cache coordinates (denoted by GeoTour: cachename)
  • Put on your boots, bring your gloves, and get caching!

You can also visit here to search for coordinates before your trip or if you donít have a smartphone or tablet.


The Lake County Visitors Bureau is proud to announce that we have launched the 23rd GeoTour in the world, and the first GeoTour in Ohio. We are joining the ranks with the Smithsonianís National Museum of Natural History, Parks Canada, the Jim Henson Company, the National Park Service, and others as proud hosts of these unique geocache groupings in partnership with

Caches have been placed under bushes, in birdhouses, at the top of giant wine glasses, and in outdoor structures all over Lake County. Cache sites were based on geography, natural surroundings, uniqueness, and cultural significance. Just think, you get to see Lake County from a localís point of view!
We welcome you to explore Lake County and its history and beauty as we see it!

What is a GeoTour?

A GeoTour is a tailored series of geocaches hidden at a destinationís points of interest. Tourists and adventurers search for geocaches - cleverly hidden containers that hold a logbook and often small trinkets for tradeóusing a GPS device or the Geocaching app for the iPhone, Android or Windows Phone. Geocaching is a free hobby that combines the outdoors, exercise, technology, and fun. The series of geocaches in a Geocaching GeoTour helps visitors discover a destination by conveying a historical story, revealing hidden vantage points, or bringing them to scenic locations.


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